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About TeenLine Ireland

Mission Statement

TeenLine Ireland is committed to helping improve the social and emotional health and wellbeing of all young people, regardless of race, religion or sexuality by providing them with a friendly, confidential, non-judgemental helpline and support service.

What We Do

TeenLine Ireland is a free-phone and free text service dedicated to teenagers. Our lines are open every day of the year from 8pm to 11pm. All calls are confidential.
Freephone 1800833634

Our free text service is also open at the same time.
Text “TEEN” to 50015. #WeListen


Do you ever feel like you just want to chat to someone who will really listen to you?
Without judging you
Without fear of what other people might think of you.

Maybe there’s something bothering you and you want to get it off your chest.
You might be feeling fed-up, alone, or cut off from the rest of the world.

Do you you feel stuck in-between, too old for some things, too young for others – lost- confused- no where to turn.

Confused about your sexuality or a relationship you’re in.

Struggling to cope with pressure of school and exams.

TeenLine Ireland understands this. That’s why we are a helpline specifically for teenagers and young adults… a number you can dial when you feel no-one else will listen or maybe you just don’t want to talk to someone who knows you. #WeListen

TeenLine Ireland’s volunteers are ordinary, every-day people who understand that young people need to be heard- they volunteer to listen – they do it because they value young people and care about how they are feeling – and they really want to listen. #WeListen

Why Teenline Ireland Started

Darren Bolger was a typical teenager who loved life. He was very caring, loving and showed empathy to others. It is his mother’s belief that Darren made two mistakes in his life. The first mistake was that he didn’t talk about how he felt inside. The second mistake was a result of the first; he died by suicide on the 6th April 2003 aged 16 years.

After Darren’s death his mother, Maureen, was shocked to discover the lack of services available specifically for teenagers in Ireland who may be contemplating suicide or going through difficult times and need someone to talk to. Teenagers also expressed this gap in services to Maureen, saying they felt they were in between, too old for one helpline and too young for another. Maureen decided to put her traumatic experience of Darren’s death into something positive, hence the foundation of TeenLine Ireland.